Keeping Exotic Cats Cool in the Summer


Tips for keeping a cool cat all summer long

If you are the proud owner of an exotic cat and you are experiencing this summer’s heatwave, it is important for you to make your cat’s needs a priority this summer. Bengal’s and Savannah’s have darker coats which makes them more vulnerable to overheating. Below are a few ways to help your cat’s survive the summer:

  • Regulate your Home’s Temperature
  • Easy access to clean fresh water at all times of the day
  • Set up boundaries for where your cat can roam
  • Educate yourself on signs of heatstroke and overheating
  • Limit their time in the sun

It is our responsibility as pet owners to keep their habitats as safe as possible for them. For more info on exotic cats visit Urban Safari Cattery.


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Bengals vs. Savannahs


<h1>The differences between the exotic breeds</h1>

Although Bengal’s and Savannahs share similarities like their beautiful, short coats, and their spotted tabby coloring.  Each breed has their differences and it is important to be familiar with them before adoption.

Size – Savannahs are usually larger than Bengals and weigh 5 to 10 lbs. more than their Bengal counterpart.

Age – Savannahs tend to outlive Bengals by eight years.

Personality – Bengals are hyperactive and love interacting with their human parents. Savannahs love to run, jump, and play; most likely requiring a larger space to live in.  While both breeds enjoy following their humans around, Bengals love cuddling while Savannahs aren’t a fan of being held.

For more information on adopting a Savannah or Bengal cat visit Urban Safari Cattery.



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Exotic Cat Care: Savannahs


Although Savannah cats are considered “exotic” their care and maintenance is fairly easy.

Savannah cats can be trained to use litterboxes and usually have no problem getting accustomed to using them regularly. Maintaining their health by ensuring they are up to date on their vaccinations from the time they are a kitten to a healthy grown adult.

Their beautiful coats make Savannah’s stand out from other domestic cats so it is important to groom them often to become aware of any health issues. Their love for water makes bath time, play time for a savannah.

Keeping them on a diet of high premium dry and wet food with the addition of a high quality nutritional supplement will help your Savannah grow into strong healthy beautiful pet.

For additional information on caring for your new Savannah visit Urban Cat Safari.


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Exotic Cat Care: Bengals


Felines are low maintenance pets for the most part and are independent animals requiring little care, but when it comes to Bengals there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Unlike normal house cats Bengals are extremely social and require a lot of attention. Be sure to stock up on plenty of toys for your Bengal to play with. Bengals also inherently love to climb so it might be a good idea to invest in a floor to ceiling climbing gym.

Bengals are also extremely intelligent and can be trained to walk on a leash, do tricks, and even go to the bathroom on a toilet. If you want to use litter box training, consider buying a litter box that is slightly larger than regular litter boxes and use Feline Pine Pellet Litter.

Their satin coats require little grooming, just brush them once a week with a soft brush. At Urban Safari Bengal kittens are fed Royal Canin Baby Cat/Kitten and a daily treat of 9 lives canned food, be sure to keep them on the same diet for at least the first few weeks before incorporating new food.

For additional information on caring for your new Bengal visit Urban Cat Safari.


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Exotic Family Addition


Have you ever been mesmerized by the beauty of wild cats? These majestic creatures are unfortunately not attainable to own as pets but Urban Safari Cattery brings you the next best thing.

Domestic Savannah and Bengal cats are bred in order to provide owners with the exotic look of a wild cat with the gentle nature of a domesticated house cat. With Urban Safari Cattery, you get the best of both worlds.

Our breeders pride themselves on raising Bengal and Savannah kittens with constant human affection, optimal nutrition, quality veterinarian care, and more. This ensures you will receive the most loving and affectionate kitten to join your family.

To choose from one of Urban Safari’s affordable available kittens click here, or contact them directly at 903.407.0406,


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How to Introduce a New Cat Into Your Home


Bringing home a new cat can be stressful for everyone, especially the cat. Initially, the new addition to should be given its own private area to explore safely. Getting used to the new environment on the cat’s own terms can go a long way to an easier transition. Cats are all different and some may take longer to get acquainted with your home than others.

If you have other animals, it is important to make the proper introductions to ensure family harmony. Allow the cat access to its own space during the introductions so they can retreat to a safety zone. Monitor all pets when in the same space to head off potential problems. Be sure to give the new cat and your other pets equal attention throughout the day until everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

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Cat Supplies and Product to Purchase for Your Pet


Preparing for Your Pet

One of the most popular pet options is a cat. But just like any other pet, there are certain supplies and products you should buy before bring home a cute little feline.

Litter Box

For the most part, your new cat will be spending most of its time indoors and will need a place to handle its ‘business’. A litter box or tray is the perfect item your cat can use as a bathroom.

Scratching Post

Cats don’t only need to scratch, they love to do it! Purchasing a scratching post reduces the chance of your cat scratching and damaging your carpet and furniture.

Kitten/Cat Food

Depending on whether you get a kitten or cat, you’ll need to purchase kitten food or cat food, respectively. It’s always a good idea to purchase a quality brand for your feline’s health.

Be sure to have most, if not all, of these ready for your new pet. If you are looking for a place to find a beautiful kitten or cat, visit Urban Safari.

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